About Me

Collage of photos of Donald Stump

At my core, I am a storyteller – it’s not just my day job.

Most of the time I'm telling stories that help people learn, but it is still a story.

I aim to tell stories that remind us of family, fun, memorable events, celebrations, and exciting places.

I hope that you pause and reflect at the stories in this portfolio

In 2016, I finished Ironman Arizona, the AZT 300 MTB race, and the highest triathlon in the world. In 2018, I graduated with a degree in Web Development from ASU and organized a 16 person whitewater rafting trip down the Grand Canyon. In the spring of 2020, I rode a 150 miles solo in a self-supported bike-packing trip on the Great Allegheny Passage.

I dedicate time and energy into completing goals that are beyond most people's abilities. I draw inspiration from my accomplishments (or failures) and focus that energy into success.