Wedding - Photography

A wedding photographer's journey, might seem easy....

The challenge in photography isn't taking a properly exposed photograph, our making sure your shutter speed is set right for a sharp image, or knowing how to properly frame subjects. These are the basics and as a professional, there are fairly easy solutions to these rudimentary issues. The real challenge is telling a compelling story that brings you to a moment in time. I freeze and share our most valuable memories using the power of photographs to connect us to our present, our past, and our future stories.

Army Boxing - Photography

Another skill in my arsenal.

It was my privilege to take photos of the annual All Army Boxing Championships!

Code Breaker


Adobe Flash is unsupported, so the ability to re-create the same Flash application functionality (using HTML5 and JavaScript) is a sought after skill...

Smart Cards

Over 30 Cultural information products for the U.S. Army

The US Army wanted to inform soldiers about the different cultures that they might encounter down-range. The solution was pocket sized Culture Smart Cards...

Advertising Package

Print & digital advertisment created in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign

TCC Tri-Fold

Advertising services can be difficult in the media world we live. For the TRADOC Culture Center, direct marking worked…

Manned flight simulator

Operation & Maintenace manual: MH60-R

Manned Flight Simulator Image

NAV-AIR, Norfolk, VA needed a cover for thier Manned Flight Simulator Operation & Maintenance Manual and I delivered…