TRADOC Culture Center 3D Logo Animation

Project Details:
The U.S. Army TRADOC Culture Center requested a 3D animation of their logo.

I created this high-quality 3D animation of the TRADOC Culture Center Logo.

  • Illustrated the logo in Adobe Flash and Illustrator
  • Exported to 2D illustration SVG format
  • Used Blender to extrude, colorize, and animate the logo
  • Exported individual frames for import into Adobe Premiere Pro to create final render
  • Used Adobe Audition to optomize music

Project Significance:
This logo was part of a video branding campaign that was used at the end of training videos that I would record and edit. It was challenging to get the timing of the animation and music to sync up at the right moment. Lighting and reflections on the final renders also took some extra work to get right.