Mannied Flight Simulator

Cover art and 100s of document conversions

Manned Flight Simulator Image
Manned Flight Simulator Image

Project Details:
NAV-AIR, Norfolk, VA needed a cover for thier Manned Flight Simulator Operation & Maintenance Manual.

Created a front, spine, and back cover using Adobe Photoshop. If you take a look at my resume, you can see that I also converted 100s of auto-CAD drawings to PDF for use in this manual.

  • Was a team lead for the auto-CAD drawing conversions
  • Used Adobe Photoshop for the cover design

Project Significance:
This was the first time in my career that I was put in charge of a project. It was a very long time ago, but it was a pivotal moment and a great success. It set the gears of fate turning for me to be the lead designer and programmer on the America's Boating Course games.