Soldiers Guide to Negotiation

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Project Details:
The U.S. Army recognized that negotiations can be a challenging and complex process that is not always about who soldiers encounter while deployed. Negotiations depend on so many different factors. The U.S. Army wanted a streamlined product that could be carried in a pocket or viewed on a mobile device.

A 60-page, color coded, pocket flip book and e-book that emphasized vital strategies when approaching any engagement, meeting, or negotiation. This guide offers basic information on the negotiation process, as well as specific examples on approaches, strategies, styles, techniques, and tactics. The appendix offers further guidance and includes a negotiation planning sheet and checklist. It also has links to planning documents that can be downloaded.

  • Adobe InDesign - layout and interactivity
  • Adobe Photoshop - image manipulation
  • Color coded tabs make the document easy to reference

Project Significance:
Over 2000 of the Soldier’s Guide to Negotiation were printed to help U.S. Soldiers accomplish key task in today's operational environment.