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Project Details:
With Adobe Flash becoming unsupported, the ability to re-create the same Flash application functionality, using HTML5 and JavaScript, is a sought after skill that I possess.

To speed up the development process, I was able to take the original assets from Flash and use Adobe Animate to re-make a version of the classic Master Mind game using HTML5/Canvas and JavaScript. All code was hardcoded by hand. If you take a look at my resume, you can see that I have years of Adobe Flash motion graphics and game development experience. Legacy Adobe Flash development skills are completely transferable to Adobe Animate.

  • Used my experience in UX and UI design for game layout and ease of play
  • Re-used all the Flash Assets I could to save on production timeline
  • Used advanced and streamlined JavaScript for faster download speeds

Project Significance:
This project shows proficiency in updating legacy Flash content to multiplatform HTML5/JavaScript content. This app was developed for use on all platforms and works great on mobile, but I have developed a desktop version that uses drag & drop placement. Unfortunately, I haven't spent the time to develop the high score functionality in the desktop version.