TCC Advertising Campaign

TCC Tri-Fold Brochure
Single Page Advertisement
Single Page Advertisement
Single Page Advertisement
Single Page Advertisement
Single Page Advertisement

Project Details:
The TRADOC Culture Center tasked me with creating advertisements to promote training services. The original guidelines for the project stated that it needed to be printed with minimal effort on 8.5"x11" paper using in-house printers. I justified producing much more than they asked for.

I explained that in order to reach a wider target audience, they could use a digital version of the tri-fold with clickable e-mail links. I further explained that single page PDFs tailored to specific audiences based on operational areas would get more attention from their target audience because individuals tend to scan information and the tri-fold had too much data and that single page advertisements would better meet their goals. The approved solution was three-fold: Updated the traditional printed trifold brochure, digital e-mailable PDF trifold (with limited interactivity), and single page CoCom specific advertisements (print & digital PDFs).

  • Formed an overall vision to meet project goals
  • Worked with multiple copyright editors
  • Used Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to create templates
  • Used InDesign's export settings to adjust quality vs. size limitations
  • Used a green screen, Canon 5D Mark III, and 580EX Speedlite to produce image content that could not be sourced elsewhere

Project Significance:
Planned, directed, and shot the images. Specifically, I was very pleased with the original imagery that I produced for the inside cover of the tri-fold brochure.